iCastĀ 2

The go to app for taking your broadcast on the road, iCast is equally at home in your studio connected to a mixer1



SAM Broadcaster Cloud

Integration with SAM Broadcaster Cloud hosting3

Station Configuration Synchronisation

Synchronise your station configuration between all your devices running iCast

Inter-App Audio and Audiobus

Stream audio from other inter-app audio and Audiobus compatible apps, such as Loopy HD

Input Monitoring

Stream with confidence knowing exactly what you are broadcasting

Dynamics Processor

Maintain control over the dynamic range to sound like a professional



Maintain control over the frequency response to ensure a perfect quality show no matter how low your audio quality settings


VU Meter

Visually monitor the input level to ensure minimal clipping occurs


Facebook & Twitter

Let your listeners know when you are broadcasting via Facebook and Twitter


MP3, AAC & Ogg Vorbis Codecs

Broadcast using the leading commercial and open source audio formats


Listener Statistics

Monitor your listener count in realtime2


Slide to Connect with On Air Status

Never accidentally connect or disconnect and immediately know your current on air status


Shoutcast 1 + 2 & Icecast 2

Stream using your favourite and up to date server platform


Background Broadcasting

Continue broadcasting whilst looking up information using Safari or checking your email4


Automatic Reconnect

Broadcast with confidence knowing that iCast will reconnect after minor connection dropouts

In-App Purchases


AAC+ Codec

Broadcast using the commercial AAC+ audio format

1Using compatible hardware and the Apple USB Camera Connection Kit (CCK)
2Truly realtime statistics are not possible due to performance overhead. A delay of one or two minutes is typical
3Requires a SpacialĀ® SAM Broadcaster Cloud account – the Spacial name, SAM Broadcaster Cloud and the SAM Broadcaster Cloud logo are registered trademarks of Spacial Audio Solutions LLC
4iCast is a resource intensive app and should not be run along side apps such as games, movie editing software, etc