About Imperative Apps

Who we are, what we do.

Our Beginnings

Imperative Apps was founded in early February of 2012 by Anthony Myatt with the purpose of creating mobile internet radio apps for his own station TribeFM (not to be confused with the community radio station located in South Australia by the same name) and for other online radio presenters looking to simplify their setup and become more mobile.

Our first app released in late February of the same year was iBroadcast which was the first online radio broadcasting app for iPad; offering dual music decks, song queuing and support for Shoutcast (v1 & v2) and Icecast platforms.



Since the release of iBroadcast we have released iCast Pro in November of 2012; a simplified version of iBroadcast meant for talk shows and broadcasting of live events, followed by a major update and change of naming convention in February of 2015 with iCast 2.

In June of 2015, we started offering our development services to third parties.



We are currently working on an updated version of our first app which will be called iBroadcast 2 as well as working on projects for third parties.